• Where do I submit my picture and caption to feature?  Once you've placed an order - you will be taken to the order confirmation page. It is here where you can submit your picture and caption for feature.
  • What happens if the owner of the page doesn't like my picture?  The owner of the page has the right to refuse any promo. If this happens your money will be refunded.
  • When will I be posted?  This depends on the amount of features in the que at any given time. The feature will be posted within 48 hours (usually a lot sooner) we ask that you be patient and contact us only after 48 hours if you still have not be posted.
  • How many followers will I get?  This all depends on the type of promo you are running and the duration of the promo. Many of our customers get thousands of followers when other only pick up a few.
Thank you IG Adverts for your amazing service! For the past 2 1/2 years you have helped me grow my business and social media followers and increased my revenue tremendously. I appreciate not only your services but your customer support as well. 5 Stars.
- @VixxenCurves
I love sharing my story on IG Adverts. It's helped get my story out and share it with others. When you're wanting to get followers, you want real ones. Don't pay for ones that promise X amount of followers that will never interact. Those pages sell bots. I love how IG Adverts share your story to REAL people who offer real support.
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Twinbody have been using IG Adverts through many instagram partnerships to promote the Twinbody's App. The channels of IG Adverts are genuine and solid.
- The Twinbody App Team